Working Dog Coffee Company Story

Who We Are

We are a family of dog lovers and coffee drinkers.

My husband and I come from long lines of coffee and canine devotees. I think we were both given coffee in our sippy cups as babies – it was the '70s, things were different. As our lives and family grew, so did our passion for coffee. Hot, cold or day old, we can’t get started without it; the same way we couldn’t start our day without our four-legged companions. 

Our family has always adopted from and donated to rescue organizations.

In 2018, our fourteen year old lab-mix passed away. I was in the midst of combing through rescue websites for someone in need of a forever home, when a friend sent me the link to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. Long story short and a few snow storms later, Denali, our Maremma sheepdog, was on a transport van to us, from Nashville, Tennessee. It was love at first sight. Over the next two years, I continued to follow the Rescue’s endeavors, and we welcomed the adoption of a second: Winston, our Great Pyrenees puppy. From the onset of our journey, it had quickly became apparent that there are thousands upon thousands of working dogs in need of rescue and rehabilitation, and without groups that specialize in these breeds, there would be nowhere for them to go. I continued to follow and support with donations. Still, I wanted to do more. 

The Working Dog Coffee Company

Not too long ago, as I stood in the kitchen and passed out treats, I couldn’t help but acknowledge how deeply I love my dogs. And then, pouring a cup of coffee, it dawned on me: The Working Dog Coffee Company. 

Work hard. Play often. Love always.
-Misti Pike, Founder and CEO 


Meet the Working Dog Coffee Company Crew

Photo of Maremma SheepdogDenali is our three year old Maremma Sheepdog from Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s pretty clear to us that she is quite the southern lady, with a sassy personality. If she could speak beyond a bark, she would be more than happy to reprimand her younger companions.

Likes: Bones, naps, and napkins

Dislikes: Neighbors and large trucks

Photo of Great PyreneesWinston is a 13 month old Great Pyrenees, and our most recent addition, also from Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. The baby of the family, he has taken it upon himself to chew everything in the house and grumble at anything that has ever made noise, ever. He’s a lovable, dopey little boy who hasn’t quite gotten a handle on being so big.

Likes: Meeting new people, cuddling, and cruising around the neighborhood

Dislikes: Eating his dinner

Photo of German ShepherdHemi, the German Shepherd, is just about two years old. Convinced that he’s the best dog in the house, Hemi likes to steal toys and show off his plunder to the other dogs. Despite being a companion dog, his dream is to be a spin instructor at the local YMCA.

Likes: snacks, toys, and tug-of-war

Dislikes: Overnight shipping, UPS

Photo of BeagleJulie is our sixteen years old beagle-mix, without a care in the world, adopted through Beagle 911 Rescue, State College, Pennsylvania. Her throne doubles as the living room couch, which she so generously shares with her beloved human companions. Miss Julie is a sweet old lady without any teeth, so remember: her bark is worse than her bite.

Likes: Eating Winston’s dinner, the couch, and belly rubs

Dislikes: Naptime interruptions

Photo of Misti PikeMisti, Founder & CEO

Born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, mother of seven children, and accomplished leader in mobile technology for a global company, passionate about animals.

Photo of Bradley PikeBradley, Marketing & Technology

Born and raised in rural Indiana, father of seven children, marketing & information technology for global science company, photographer.

Photo of Kerrigan FreemanKerrigan, Marketing Intern

Pennsylvania State University student, studying Business Administration, Marketing and Management; avid reader and artist.