Tiny Shelter & Big Hearts

Yes, I know once again I am diverting away from the story of The Working Dog Coffee Company. But I want to talk about something important and something near and dear to my heart.

On Saturday I had the opportunity to ride along and contribute with the CAT 5 Jeepers  in donating much needed supplies to a tiny little rescue in Bertie County North Carolina.

As many people in rural areas know many times rescues are far and few between due to lack of funding and resources. If there are shelters available, they are usually run-on only donations and by groups of volunteers with big hearts doing the best that they can do with what they have available to them.  This is the case for the Bertie County Humane Society.

This tiny little shelter only has a handful of outdoor facilities available for the dogs. This little group of volunteers do what they can do to get the dogs placement with other rescues or foster based rescues to get the dogs out of the cold and severe weather conditions. But that is not always possible because as many of you know most rescues these days are at maximum capacity. So, while the dogs are there in their care they do the best they can to make them as comfortable as they possible, with what little that they have to work with.

This Saturday the CAT 5 Jeepers drove in tandem over 200 miles round trip with their jeeps loaded with supplies for the shelter. They delivered dog food, cat food, litter, blankets, bowls, toys, snacks, cleaning supplies, puppy pads, collars, leashes and everything else in between. They all lined up and created a bucket brigade to pass the donations into a storage unit. My heart was warmed by the overwhelming support of this group to help this tiny little rescue located 100 miles away from where most of them live.

Without donations from communities most of these little shelters would not survive. If you live in a rural area, check in on your small rescues, many of them have wish lists with common household items that they need, paper towels, cleaning supplies and garbage bags. They of course also need lots of pet supplies and foster homes too.

Work Hard – Play Often – Love Always!

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