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Marketing research professionals suggest being personable with your customers and giving them some insight into who you are so your customers can make a connection with you. They suggest videos and photos of your personal life – you know Instagram material.

However, I am sorry to report you will not find me laying on the couch with my dogs in matching pajamas drinking pumpkin spice lattes. For starters my couch isn’t big enough for me and 3 dogs that weigh over 100lbs. Plus trying to get pajamas on a Pyrenees would be like trying to put a swimsuit on a polar bear. Nor will I be posting dreamy eyed photos of me in unrealistic locations with my dogs going on amazing adventures. Getting them loaded into the back of an SUV to go anywhere is an adventure and quickly frankly a side show that I could probably sell tickets to. I am a 5ft 2in tall, 49-year-old woman whose dogs are over 7 feet tall standing on their hind legs. I am thinking that no one wants to see all that on social media.

I have however decided to post on Mondays and give you some insight into who we are. Don’t get too overly excited just yet. I have been told that I am a highly, unsociable, introvert who is blunt and sarcastic. I received a peer review at work one time that noted I am not a team player and called me out on my eye rolling 🙄. But nevertheless, I am going to share with you who we are, why we do what we do, and realistic details of our life – drooling dog slobbers and all. I might even get a little crazy and post some videos of life challenges of living with three large dogs. Two of which are livestock guardian dogs who like to make decisions for themselves and one of them is special needs. Trust me when I say this, he doesn’t make good decisions.

Do I think that I am going to be viral hit on internet? Probably not, but I am hoping that I do give some of you a few laughs, or just make you feel good about your own lives because mine is a total freaking circus. Your first ring side event will premier on Monday Jan 3rd, 2022.

P.S. As you can see, Greta said no to matching PJs.

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