Happy 4th Birthday Hemi

Today is Hemi’s 4th Birthday 

I want to take a few minutes today to talk about Hemi, the little puppy that gave Denali a job while she was transitioning from a working a LGD to a retired LGD. He gave her more than a job he gave her a purpose, but beyond that they became best friends.

I have to admit there were times during early puppyhood that I thought to myself and probably out loud on a few occasions. What in the world have we gotten ourselves in to? After all he was a German Shepherd puppy. High energy, busy and some days a Wildman while he was doing zoomies through the house. I do not think that Hemi has ever just walked anywhere in his entire life. His normal pace is a jog or a gallop.

I fell head over heels in love with this puppy and the older he got the more I fell in love with him. He technically is not my dog he is our daughter’s dog. He is bonded to her. She takes him with her everyplace he is allowed to go. When he was a small puppy, he went with her to work, at the doggy daycare and she worked for a dog trainer. But as most of us do as we get a little older, we want more experiences in life and she got a different job and Hemi couldn’t go to work with her anymore.  So, he spent more time with me. I didn’t mind because after all I adored him and took photos of him all the time. I probably have 200,000 dog photos in my phone and half of them are of Hemi.

When we started to plan our business and do logo design, we probably did 40 different versions and nothing at all seemed to work. Nothing felt right. But I settled and we had a “So, So Logo” because I just got tired of trying. Plus, we were due to launch April 1st, 2020 and it was the end of February and I needed to make a decision. Then there was the COVID lockdown the 2nd week of March. Our daughter was an essential employee, so Hemi was home with me all day. On day 2 of working remotely Hemi was sitting at my desk giving me the deep stare down because he wanted to play. I grabbed my phone like I usually did and took a photo and that immediate second, I looked at my husband and said “HEMI – HEMI needs to be our logo. Look at him he is stoic, the face… and what the hell have I been thinking all this time” and folks our logo was born.

There will be more about Hemi in later posts, after all he is our brand ambassador. But until then - Happy 4th Birthday Hemi!

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